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What is Rappel?

Rappel is a specialized mountaineering technique that allows you to do a controlled descent down a rope on vertical faces, like a cliff or wall, through a device that provides friction.

Also known as Abseiling, Rappelling is the most used vertical descending technique and it is used worldwide for rescue by fireighters, special forces and police, also in construction in high buildings and for mountaineering.

How you do it?

The climbing rope is anchored to a cliff with artificial anchors like cams, pitons, and bolts or natural anchors like trees and boulders. The climber then uses a rappel device which utilizes the friction of the rope through the device to control his descent as he literally slides down the fixed rope to a ledge or the cliff-base.


San Juan del Sur Tours

All the gear we use are from the top two world-known brands: Petzl and Black Diamond, both with quality and safety U.S. standards, designed to resist extreme conditions of weather and use.

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