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The Tour

Extreme Rappel

We’ll take you to the top of the cliff with our 4×4 vehicle where we rappel down on a 45-meter waterfall; from the top you will enjoy the amazing view of the Palermo Valley and the San Juan del Sur bay. Once you put on the rappelling gear and listen to the guides’ instructions, we start the descent one person at a time landing deep in the forest.

Hiking, nature and archeology

After taking off the gear, we start an extreme hike down the creek, going past big rocks and through puddles, enjoying the beautiful vegetation that surrounds us, until reaching a few river pools and the petroglyphs where you will learn a few things about the indigenous population that lived in these areas a long time ago. From this point the hike is very easy all the way back to the office.



What you need to bring

      – Shoes (preferably hiking shoes)
      – Lightweight clothes that you don’t mind getting it wet
      – Camera (water-proof its better!)
      – Bottle of water for the hike
      – Mosquito repellent
      – Sunblock

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