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  • Incredible Views of the Coastline

Experience the Elements

Aracne Rappelling Tours combines three of the four elements in Nature: Earth, Air and Water to make it a unique experience!

Element Air

When doing the rappelling you experience the Air like never before. At 160 feet overlooking the San Juan del Sur bay above the cliff and the canopy, the breeze comes and goes all around you making you feel like you are flying… you see all kind of birds flying next to you, welcoming you to their element.

Element Water

There is nothing like getting splashed and wet while rappelling down a waterfall, the only thing you hear deep in the forest is the falling/running water. Then the tour continues with canyoneering down the river, jumping puddles from rock to rock and there is always a chance of swimming in some of the river pools. Water is life and it makes you feel alive and happy!

Element Earth

While hiking you feel the steep mountain, the rocks, the plants growing all around you. The scenery is incredible, you can see the Earth from inside the forest… and then we visit the petroglyphs, a series of carvings made on a big rock by ancient people.

*Element Fire

We could also count the sun, the heat that makes you sweat during the hike as the Element Fire… but we are going to let you decide for yourself on this one. Ready to try?