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Expand your knowledge, reach new heights and experience nature in a totally new way... Aracne Rappelling Tours has it all! Come With Us...
Experience the Elements
Aracne Rappelling Tours combines three of the four elements in Nature: Earth, Air and Water to make it an experience like no other. Read More...
Visit the only petroglyphs known in the San Juan del Sur area and learn about the people that created this archeological treasure! Learn More...

Aracne is moving to a new location!

Starting November 2013, Aracne Rappelling Tours is moving to Palermo farm to join forces with Da Flying Frog Canopy tour here in San Juan del Sur to create a unique set of tours full of adrenaline and fun for the whole family. Come with us and explore nature and culture from a new perspective, rappelling down a waterfall deep into the forest, canyoneering down the river bed until reaching the ancient petroglyphs made by the indigenous people that lived in this area before the Spanish came to America.

Come give it a try!